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About Us

We are in real estate business for quite sometime and are trying to provide one of the basic needs of people. In Badhon Builders Ltd. We have in house professionals to take care of all requirements related to constructions. In addition, we have the services of good consultants available to us. Our consultants take care of aesthetic beside being economical. Our concerted efforts are to live up to the expectation of our prospective clients in terms of design, functional requirements, quality and last of maintaining the time schedule of handing over. In the process of our development we keep constantly evaluating the changing requirements of clients in a variety of ways. The requirements vary depending on the location. Sizes and prices of apartments.

Besides meeting one of the basic requirements of human beings, real estate has provided a portfolio for investors in the absence of proper opportunities for those who have a surplus fund. The real estate development has also helped to overcome accommodation problem to some extent in the capital.

We the developers rightfully claim that as a catalyst for the setting up of housing related industries in the country thereby opening employment opportunities for different types of employees. We the developers have our selves created and employed a size able number of professionals and others. In addition, this sector is contributing a size able percentage to the GDP.

In the end, we need cooperation of all who are associated with this industry, Government for proper policies and support and the people in general as we are providing one of their basic needs.